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Overheard At Alec Baldwin’s Wedding

    His bride teaches yoga. Make that used to teach yoga.   Supposedly he took her class once and accused the woman next to him of stealing his mat.   I always forget: Which one of his brothers is an ass? Oh, now I remember…all 3 of them are.   His daughter and his […] more

Tweets From The Photographer Who (Allegedly) Got Punched By Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin punches Daily News photographer after obtaining marriage license in New York with fiancee Hilaria Thomas Yes…I finally did it! I have been now punched by every Baldwin brother!   As far as 30 Rock goes, I’ve now been punched by everyone on the show… except for Tracy.   Why did he punch me? All […] more

The Worst of 2011: The First Annual Testy Awards*

    Worst Made-For-TV Wedding: Kim Kardashian and Kris Whats-His-Name Worst Use Of A Condiment: The Pepper Spraying of  “Occupy” Demonstraters Worst Doctor If You Need Someone To Come To Your Home To Administer Propofol: Dr. Conrad Murray Worst Reason To Be Against Same-Sex Marriage: “It’s a threat to the sanctity of marriage.” Worst Example […] more

Celebrity Letters To Santa

Dear Santa, I’ve been pretty good this year. Up until this month.Please bring me an iPhone. I broke mine in a fit of rage. On an airplane. Because the stewardess wouldn’t let me play “Words With Friends.” And I take “Words With Friends” very seriously. Oh, and make it the new iPhone with Siri, so […] more

Random Friday

Baseball has been berry, berry good to Jose Reyes. Imagine how low our cable bills would be if companies like Optimum and FIOS stopped running TV ads 79,000 times a day. Candace Gingrich-Jones, Newt Gingrich’s lesbian half-sister, says she will be voting for Obama. In an unrelated story, Newt Gingrich hates gay people. Madonna is […] more