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Summer Vacations: 2011-Style

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Last summer, with the economy in shambles,

many Americans took “Stay-cations”-Family day trips

by car not too far from home-instead of

traditional vacations.

Today, the economy is still a mess with gas prices over $4 a gallon… and rising.

So say “goodbye” to “Stay-cations”

and “hello” to “Walk-ations.”

Yes, it’s an awkward word but it’s just what it says:

Vacations for the whole family in walking distance of their home.

Sounds fun, right?

Obviously, families are capable of walking

varying amounts of distance.

If  grandma comes along, that’s going to slow you down.

If she has one of those scooters for old people,

that will speed up your trip.

(Although technically she would not be playing by the rules,

as she would NOT be walking)

Also, slowing you down: Your overweight  son

who spends all of his free time playing video games

and your spoiled daughter who can’t seem to stop texting.

Families that can cover a lot of ground include

those that work out frequently

and single dads with anger issues who won’t let their kids

stop to rest until they arrive at their destination.

Now some “Walk-ation” suggestions:

1.Walk  to your local library and spend the day in the travel section,

looking at exotic locations the whole family  will never see in person.

2. Walk to Taco Bell and make believe you’re having lunch in Mexico. Walk home,

figure out which family

member needs to use the bathroom the most, then take a family siesta.

3. If the kids insist on going to the beach and it’s too far

to walk in one day, stop halfway and sleep on the side of the highway: Fact is they are cleaner and safer than

they’ve ever been.

Doesn’t that put your mind at ease?

4.Take a stroll to your local pharmacy

and pick up that “prescription” you got from your “friend”

Read the directions. Generally the adults need a higher dosage than kids. Start walking and

pretty soon you’ll be

somewhere else, somewhere that looks kind of familiar, just a lot fuzzier.

When things start to look familiar to you again, take another dose.

There you go…just a few suggestions to get you walking.

Have A Great Summer America!

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