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Summer 2011 Blockbuster Movies

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“When Harry Met Sally’s Hot Friend”

“Sex and the City 3: The Paycheck”

“The King’s Speech 2: The Return of the Stutter”

“Mike and Molly: The Movie”

“Transformers 3: Really?”

“Casino 2: Trump Bankrupt Again”

The annual Will Ferrell or Jim Carrey movie that tries to show off  their serious side.

“Quentin Tarantino’s The Bridges of Madison County-2: This Time It’s Personal”

“Some Chick Flick” starring Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston and a good-looking guy.

“Speed 4: Runaway Segway”

“Stuff Blowing Up” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis.

“High Noon” starring Snoop Dogg and Cheech and Chong

“Taxi Driver 2: The Case of the Missing Beaded Seat Cushion”

“Deer Hunter 2” Starring Dick Cheney

“Six Easy Pieces: The Easiest Jigsaw Puzzle In the World”

“Babe-3: It’s Dinner Time!”

“Will Smith Saves The World OR Is Down On His Luck”**

**(Studio can’t decide)

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