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Snow Business

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Does anyone know the difference between a “winter storm warning” and a “winter storm watch”?
Neither do I. Yet, weather-people use those terms constantly, like it means anything to us.
And I don’t care about  cold fronts, where the storm is forming, the wind chill index or snow drifts. Just tell me how much snow we are getting and when, then throw it over to the sports desk.
End of story.

Snow is big business for the local news stations…and I have a way for them to save lots of cash. Instead of sending reporters out in the snow, just show footage from a previous snow storm. No one will know the difference because all of those reports are the same. No one.

Do kids still have snowball fights (I never see any)…or are they politically incorrect?

FACT: People who don’t have a snow blower hate their neighbors who do
(I don’t have one, but I always find myself telling them what great exercise shoveling is. Then I go inside, take 3 Advil, and lay on a heating pad.)

Snow is just like the Tea Party: they are both ANNOYING!!


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