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Snapshots from September 11, 2001…And The Days That Folllowed

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Looking out the window onto Hudson Street and watching thousands and thousands of people making their way uptown on foot.


Sleeping at work…or at least trying…and hearing the sound of trucks being deployed all night on Houston Street.


Walking through downtown Manhattan with absolutely no cars. As eerie as anything I’ve ever experienced.


Those Posters. Those faces. Everywhere. 


The smell…lingering for a few months after, especially on rainy days.


Only being allowed to go as far downtown as 14th Street, showing the police my work I.D., and walking the rest of the way.


Co-workers going to St. Vincent’s Hospital  to give blood and being turned away. They didn’t need any.


Finally coming home on the 12th, turning on the TV to watch the coverage and turning it off after only 5 minutes.


Going online an hour after the attacks to see we were just about a mile and a half from ground zero.


Sending one of our DJ’s out to report on what was going on and hearing the emotion in his voice as he witnessed the first tower come down.


Taking my son to the library on the 13th and thinking to myself  “I’m doing something normal.”


Seeing people for the first time since the attacks and asking them if they knew anyone who perished. Everyone did.


Watching NYC turn into a small town for a while. And the whole country actually liking us for a while.


Thinking back to walking in the Village and whenever I got to Sixth Avenue would always look downtown for a breathtaking view of the WTC.


Restaurants quickly running out of food, with no deliveries in sight.


Thinking back to all the lunchtime concerts I attended at the Plaza of the WTC for CD 101.9 and KISS FM.


I remember thinking all day on the 11th  “Nothing will be the same again.”


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