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Sets of 3- Part 3

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Fred Flintstone Makeover:

1. Lose the “Onesie”…replace with pants and shirt.
2. New Shoes
3. Shave


Bugs Bunny Makeover:

1. Pants and shirt.
2. New Shoes
3. Ear reduction surgery


Breaking Down The Song “One” Written By Harry Nillson

1. One: The loneliest number that you’ll ever do
2. Two: Can be as bad as one, it’s the loneliest number since the number one.
3. Three: Not mentioned.


Differences Between A Crocodile and An Alligator:

1. Unlike gators, crocs give you a head start before catching and then eating you.
2. Gators can eat a person in one bite. It takes a croc two bites.
3. Gators spend their winters in Boca. Crocs in Jacksonville.


Where Newt Gingrich’s Next 3 Wives Are Right Now:

1. Working for the State Department
2. Living in Florida. Married with 2 kids.
3. Virginia mental institution


Best Yoko One Songs:

1. Walking On Thin Ice
2. The one where she screams
3. That other one where she screams


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