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First, two stories while commuting on Metro North last week:

Even though it is frowned upon, riders talk on their phone. Case in point, the women sitting next to me on Tuesday. She was talking very loudly to her sister,  if I had to guess,  but nothing of any interest to an eavesdropper. She was talking for quite a while, not only what she did last night, but what she has planned for the entire week. LOUDLY. Then, after all this time, whispers to her “sister,” “I can’t talk loud…I’m on the train.”  Are you kidding me? I laughed out loud and thought to myself,  “What do you think you’ve been doing for the past 10 minutes?”

Then on Wednesday I go to sit down next to a very distinguished looking old gentleman. I have my iPod headphones on. He says to me as I’m about to sit down “You’re not going to be talking on the phone the whole ride, are you?” No, I wasn’t, considering these white things are headphones that lead to a futuristic music machine that you can’t hear.

I passed an old-school barber shop in Scarsdale last week. This place has been there forever to the point where it’s now basically old men cutting old men’s hair. All of this leads up to the sign in their window that caught my attention: “Experience The Evolution.” “Experience the Evolution??” Is this a car commercial? Is it legal for a barber shop to have a slogan? The evolution of what? Old barbers into even older barbers? I plan to to go in next week ask if I can “Experience the evolution.”

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