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Scarsdale “Crime Wave”

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Scarsdale, NY…the new home of Beyonce and Jay Z…and where apparently there is a contest going on to see who can call the police for the most frivolous reason. I saw this article online and couldn’t help re-posting it.  You can’t make this up…and I didn’t. It’s 100% true. And 100% ridiculous. Enjoy!

“In “Scarsdale Undercover,” we share some of the more…unnecessary police activity that seems to occur in Scarsdale, New York.”

Police were called because…

    • A Popham Road resident reported someone damaged her windshield. Police discovered the damage was actually dirt and cleaned it off. Jan. 30.
    • A driver flagged down police claiming that his car was stolen. It was parked a block away. Jan. 30.
    • A local woman reported losing her cell phone while in the Village. She found it in her boots. Feb. 1.
    • A Post Road resident complained that someone was at their front door at 8 p.m. and would not leave. When police arrived, they spoke with a neighbor who said he and his wife had been trying to drop off a cake at the resident’s house but nobody came to the door. Jan.21.

SOURCE: http://theloopny.com/blog/double-take-scarsdale-undercover/

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