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——–Reality Shows In Reverse———

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Reality shows are entertaining…but if you take them and
reverse the concept, most of the time, the show will be better:


The Biggest Loser vs. The Biggest Gainer:
Sure it’s inspirational to watch fat people lose weight. But let’s face it, isn’t it more entertaining to watch fat slobs stuff their faces in an attempt to gain the most weight?

Celebrity Apprentice vs. Celebrity CEO:
What would you rather see: Gary Busey trying to sell the most hot dogs on the streets of New York as a challenge…or really taking the helm of Apple and making all the big decisions? Like “Should we continue to make those iPod and iPad gizmos…or are they just a fad?”

16 and Pregnant vs 61 and Pregnant:
Any 16 year old can get pregnant…that’s no big deal. But a pregnant 61 year old? Now that’s entertainment.

Secret Millionaire/Secretly Bankrupt:
How many times can you watch a rich guy give poor people money? But what about a husband telling his wife on national television that the real estate deal he made two years ago has left them bankrupt? That’s right, I’m talkin’ fireworks, baby, fireworks!

Real Housewives vs. Real Househusbands:
Starring Nick Cannon Carey, Mark Consuelos Ripa and the dude married to Julia Roberts.

Celebrity Rehab  vs. Celebrity Funeral:
What happens when a celebrity goes to rehab 53 times?
At some point they die. And what’s more over the top than the funeral of a celebrity? Until now we could never get past the velvet ropes and see what all the fuss is about. Now, we can!

Keeping Up With the Kardashians vs. Avoiding the Kardashians:
Now this is a real challenge. One Kardashian or another is on TV 24 hours a day. Extremely hard to avoid while channel surfing. Then, when you leave your house, chances are you’ll run into them filming one of their shows. Could be the hardest game show in TV history.

Top Chef vs. Worst Chef:
Any big shot can go to a fancy cooking school with some french words in the name. The average viewer relates much better to the common man… who sucks at cooking, like they do.

Shows That DON’T Work Using The “Reverse” Formula:
“Dancing With the Stars” vs. what the hell is the opposite of dancing? “Not Dancing With the Stars”???

“Ice Road Truckers” vs “Perfect Road Condition Truckers”???

“American Idol” vs “Real Singers”???

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