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Read This An Hour From Now

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I refuse to move my clock back an hour. Why do I  have to? Because “they” say so? What’s the big deal anyway?

If I don’t “fall back” I will be one hour late for my doctor’s appointment, which means I will only have to sit in the waiting room for two hours. If  I get to work an hour late I will still be on time…I’m always there way too early. If I show up late for my dinner reservation that’s one hour I don’t have to wait at the bar until my table is ready. It’s not a big deal if I am one hour late to see a movie. Big deal…so I miss the hour of commercials, previews and even more previews.

Try it and you’ll see what I’m talking about. (Plus, I’ll feel like an idiot if I am the only one doing it) Oh, look at the time. I’ve got to go.I was supposed run the Marathon an hour ago. I might have to re-think this whole plan.

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