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Random Funny Tweets from The Oscars

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“Billy Crystal is so old he is starting to look like
Billy Crystal in The Princess Bride.” – @NotBillWalton


“Hugo just won two awards faster
than anything else that happens in Hugo!”- @vulture 


“Just think, if Rico Rodriguez hadn’t auditioned for Modern Family, he’d be selling oranges on the side of the highway right now.”
– @LisaLampanelli


“Jennifer Lopez & Cameron Diaz are showing us that the Air Conditioners are working at the Academy Awards.”
– @RealGilbert#Oscars


“Siri, please tell me where I can find a funnier.”- @DavidCornDC 


“My twitter feed is more exciting than the #Oscars.”- @TheBeautyFile 


“The last time Robt. Downey jr was in the same room as Crystal & Rock, things ended badly.”-  @tomhensley


“I have a plumber named Christopher Actor.” –


“Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than watching celebrities fake laugh to Billy Crystal.” – @micholl

“Last year’s Best Picture: An English dude who couldn’t speak. This year’s: A French dude no one could hear.” – @BorowitzReport


“Earlier, in a non-televised ceremony, the dude in the stall next to me at LAX terminal 4 won for his performance in “The Shartist”. – @DamienFahey


“Oh yeah, Iranians won and now French people are kissing. Rick Santorum is freaking out.” – @bob_calhoun


“Billy Crystal takes me back to a simpler, more innocent time, before things were funny.”  – @TheTweetOfGod


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