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Random Friday

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Our nation’s #1 priority should be getting Charlie Sheen his own reality show.

HEADLINE: Uproar over Washington University’s decision to pay Bristol Palin around $20,000 to partake in a discussion about “sexual responsibility” led the St. Louis, Mo., school to reverse its decision.
UPDATE: Charlie Sheen just offered Bristol $20,000. All we know at this time is the money is NOT for her to partake in a discussion about “sexual responsibility

Here’s a no-brainer for Bravo: “The Real Housewives of Brooklyn”

I just read that there is a new Kardashian sister created every 6 months.
And every 3 months one of them gets a TV show

If there was a club created that was the exact opposite of “Mensa”, their headquarters would be in a certain house on the Jersey Shore

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