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Random Friday: Google Underwater, The World’s Largest Ferris Wheel, A Vegas Refund And More

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I find it interesting that the two biggest highlights
of the NY Mets 2012 season happened on the same day:
1. R.A. Dickey won his 20th game.
2. Keith Hernandez shaved his moustache off
for the first time in 25 years.


Amazingly this is not the premise of an upcoming reality show:
A Hong Kong property mogul said he’ll sign a check
for $65 million to any man who will woo his lesbian daughter
away from her girlfriend and marry her.
Talk about overpaying!
Most guys would take on this challenge for $65.


Google Maps has a new feature:
Underwater maps that create a virtual ocean map,
with coral, turtles and manta rays instead of streets.
If could have used this 3 years ago, when Google Maps
mistakenly told me to make a left
and my car wound up in the ocean.


California is getting ready for driverless cars,
with new laws and regulations.
In NYC we have driverless cars
but we call them “parked cars.”


The largest ferris wheel in the entire world
is coming to Staten Island.
How big is it?
To put it in perspective,
it’s 6-inches higher than the average hair height
of a Staten Island woman.


Headline Of The Week:
“Florida Man Busted For Drunk Driving Says
Pet Squirrel Attack Was To Blame For Erratic Driving”


John Travolta just won a big legal victory against the author
of a book who claims the actor frequented gay bathhouses.
According to Travolta “Just because the bathhouse was frequented
exclusively by nude male patrons doesn’t mean it’s a gay bathhouse.”


A Vegas casino owner decided to give angry gamblers who lost money
on the controversial Seahawks-Packers game their cash back, saying
he was “disgusted” with the ruling and sympathized with the losers.
For the record, the last man to try and get money back from a casino
was Albert Brooks in the movie Lost In America.



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