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Random Friday

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Baseball season is here..
which can mean only one thing:
Just 151 days till no NFL season. 

Bad sign: The Mets play their first game today
and they are already ten games out.

To save money on electricity
the Wilpons have replaced the Jumbotron
with a mime re-enacting highlights.

The Bronx Zoo Cobra
is scheduled to throw out the first pitch
at Yankee Stadium on Saturday.
Don’t laugh, scouts say he has a great slider.

Warning: It’s April Fools Day…
Don’t believe anything anyone tells you today.
To make it easy, just pretend
you are watching Fox News.

We are at war. A few of them.
Japan just had an earthquake,
and a nuclear accident.
And, still, the local weather people
talk about an inch of snow as if
it’s the end of the world.
Then follow that with another Charlie Sheen story.

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