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Random Friday

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NJ Governor Chris Christie caught Bruce Springsteen
live this week and, as you would expect, had great seats.
Four of them.
All for him.


Attention Mets fans:
Please note an important change this season at Citi Field:
When you buy a scorecard, instead of a pencil,
you get a pen with red ink.
Apparently their accountants ordered cases of them.



The big star of the NY Car Show is a flying car.
While some people see this as the future,
all I see is more confusion and longer lines at the DMV.


Now, fans of the Mets and Yankees with peanut allergies can breathe a sigh of relief, as the two teams have announced nut-free seating for this upcoming season.
Here’s my suggestion:
Set up a special section for people who actually want to watch the game.

The Bad News: Spicy tuna rolls may be linked to a 19-state salmonella outbreak.
The Good News: It allows us to rationalize eating McDonalds for a week or two.


Shocking Headlines Of The Week:
“Kim Kardashian Says She Won’t Share Her Love Life On TV Again”
“Suspected Shooter Had Troubled Past”






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