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Random Friday

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What I learned this week:


The world’s ugliest dog died at the age of 15…
The world’s second ugliest dog is not a suspect.


On the flip side,
Jennifer Aniston spends $8,000 a month
to maintain her good looks.
I spend $3.50.


They call it “March Madness”
because you can go mad
trying to find

the game you want to watch
on one of 34 different channels.


Everyone who’s anyone is in Austin for SXSW.


Everyone else bought a new Ipad,
as Apple’s stock price reached $600…
just enough to buy an iPad.


KONY-mania is over.


So is Lin-Sanity.


Mike D’antoni resigned/got fired.
Carmelo stayed.
The losing will most likely continue.


And if you haven’t seen it yet,
here’s the video of Springsteen’s much talked about
keynote address at SXSW…


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