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Random Friday

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Sara Blakely, inventor of the line of
slimming garments called Spanx,
is one of the newest names on Forbes magazine’s
list of billionaires.

I hear she has a whole lot more cash than that…
and is hiding it in her Spanx.


I just found out they make Spanx for men.
Well, actually it was a few months ago.
To be precise it was November 3rd, 2011,
the day I bought my first pair.
Don’t judge.


The most popular questions this weekend:
“Does that mean we gain an hour or lose an hour?”
It’s Daylight Saving Time…
Set your clocks ahead one hour.
BTW: You lose an hour. (Cue: crying)


The quotes of the week are from Rihanna’s dad,
who in an interview 
described Chris Brown as a “Nice guy”
and said the last time he saw his daughter
she “looked a little fat.”


Three signs the world might be coming to an end:
1. Solar storms
2. Snooki’s Pregnant
3. My Spanx addiction


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