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Random Friday

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Justin Bieber turned 18 this week.
Which means he finally has the legal right
to decide how he wears his hair.


One American Idol contestants’ story:
1. Grew up in a small town.
2. His dad was a preacher.
3. He never felt like he fit in.
4. So he moves to NYC.
What he could have said, to save us all some time:
1. “I’m gay.”
(Not that there’s anything wrong with it.)


Something you’ve never heard anyone say before,
but are guaranteed to hear very, very soon:
“Half a gallon of gas, please.”


Beyonce was spotted this week in a NYC restaurant breastfeeding.
And lot of people don’t think that’s right.
I am NOT one of them.
Probably because I get her daily itinerary emailed to me.





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