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Random Friday

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J.K. Rowling announced this week that her next book
will be her first novel for adults.
Rowling says she feels liberated not having to
write about Harry Potter and is excited to write for

a new audience.
The book is tentatively titled
“Barry Motter and The Magician’s Rock.”


When I watch the Republican debates
I always think of The Wizard of Oz.
Probably because each and every one of them
needs a brain and a heart.


NJ Governor Chris Christie recently vetoed a bill
that would have allowed gay marriage in his state.
Who is he to tell a segment of our society
what they can and cannot do?
Why is Gay marriage not allowed but Obese marriage is?


Speaking of Chris Christie, Taco Bell has a new slogan.
They’ve replaced “Think Outside The Bun” with “Live Mas.”
(“Mas” means “more” in Spanish)
Did you think they purposely chose “Live More?” for the irony,
considering it’s the complete opposite of what their food will do to you?


The Academy Awards are Sunday night.
They are trying to be a little more relevant this year.
Which explains why they chose
Billy Crystal as the host.


It’s NBA All-Star Weekend.
New this year:
The Asian Pass, Shoot and Trigonometry Competition.


Milwaukee Brewers left fielder Ryan Braun,
the NL’s reigning most valuable player,
won his appeal of a 50-game suspension triggered by a positive drug test.
Braun, who is Jewish, can now continue his quest to become
the All-Time Career Home Run Leader by a Jewish player.
The record is 11.
Braun now has 8.


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