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Random Friday

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In Las Vegas, a man suffered a heart attack after eating a
‘Triple Bypass Burger’ at the Heart Attack Grill.

Talk about bad luck…
considering the man was originally supposed to have dinner at
the “Sex With A Supermodel Cafe.”


A 14-year-old super genius, Moshe Kai Cavalin,
is about to graduate from UCLA.

They found out he was a genius at the age of 9,
when he begged the school to recruit Jeremy Lin.


Speaking of Jeremy Lin, because no one else is:
I know it’s a stereotype,
but does anyone know if Jeremy Lin plays the vioLIN?


Researchers from Queen Mary University of London have found
that goats’ “accents” change as they grow older
and move into different groups.
They also found that goats tend to make fun
of other goats that have Brooklyn accents.


While you were reading this,
Adele won 2 more Grammys.

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