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Random Friday

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Pat Sajak admitted that years ago he taped Wheel of Fortune while drunk.” Which explains the episode where he kept saying
“I need your answer in the form of a question”
and “Hey lady, I’ve got your vowel right here.”


The extra week before the Super Bowl is brutal.
How much analyzing of the game can we take?
I don’t know about you but I could care less about
the Patriots back-up-to- the-backup punter who has no legs.


Speaking of football, what a week for the Mara family, owners of the Giants.
Their team is going to the Super Bowl
and daughter Rooney Mara got a Best Actress Oscar Nomination for her starring role in “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.”
The ironic thing is 75% of the team already had a dragon tattoo…
and had never heard of the book or movie”


In fast food news…
Taco Bell is now serving breakfast and
Burger King started delivering their food.
I know what you’re thinking, America:
Why can’t Taco Bell deliver breakfast?


Last week The UN received two fake diplomatic pouches
filled with 35 pounds of cocaine.
35 pounds!
Which explains why this week the UN bought
an Upper East Side townhouse,
a Maserati
and Google.

You know what President Obama should have done
for his State of the Union Address?

1. Fill his speech with Republican talking points.
2. Let the Republicans condemn the whole thing during their rebuttal.
3. Have Ashton Kutcher come out and tell them they’ve been Punk’d.


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