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Random Friday

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Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak transferred power to his Vice-President
the same way Jay Leno transferred power
to Conan O’Brien.
Do you get the feeling he’s getting career advice from Jay Leno?
UPDATE: Mubarak steps down…just to disprove my “Leno Theory”


Baseball is almost here:
Just 3 days till pitchers and catchers.
And 17 days till utility infielders and third base coaches.

The flyover at the Super Bowl cost $450,000.
To fly over a domed stadium.

I know it sounds weird but they are making a kids movie about the B.P. Oil Spill:
It’s either going to be called
“The Little Mermaid: Under the Sea…for Good”
“Nemo’s Dead”

Lindsay Lohan should have thought ahead and stolen a piece of jewelry that goes with an orange prison jumpsuit.

A sign that NASA is taking the “Asteroid Headed Toward Earth” story seriously:
They’ve hired Bruce Willis to try and stop it.

This week, while channel surfing, I came upon “Everybody Loves Raymond”…
then, on the very next channel “Everybody Hates Chris.”
Wouldn’t you think they would cancel each other out?

Names in the news mentioned the most this week: Carmelo Anthony and Hosni Mubarak
Names in the news mentioned the least this week: David Paterson and Dolly Parton

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