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Random Friday

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If the Giants win Sunday and go to the Super Bowl,
there’s one sure thing:
When Governor Chris Christie makes one of those inevitable bets with the Governor of the opposing state,
Christie will insist on getting back some type of fried food if he wins.

How long will it be before someone uses Siri as a legal defense.
“Yes, I robbed that bank, but Siri told me to.”

You know the Seinfeld episode where George panics and flees a kids party when a fire starts?
The captain of that cruise ship liked it so much he felt compelled to recreate the scenario at sea.

The ex-wife of Newt Gingrich says he sought to have an “open marriage.”
His reason?
He thought a third person would be useful in case of a tie vote.

Now let me get this straight:
Tim Tebow is an extremely religious young man and he’s out of the playoffs.
Tom Brady, on the other hand,  is obviously not as religious,
yet he’s won 3 Super Bowls, he’s still in the playoffs
and married to a supermodel.
Now you tell me who’s blessed?

Speaking of prayers, mine have been answered:
David Beckham has re-signed with the L.A. Galaxy.


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