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Random Friday

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Beyonce and Jay Z are finally home alone with their baby Blue Ivy.
It must be nice, just the 3 of them alone in their house…
along with their security guards, maids, chefs, a pilates instructor, butler,  juggler, chauffeur, stylist, make up artist,  psychic,  nanny,  nurse, balloon animal maker and gardener.


My prediction is Blue Ivy’s first word will be “NO.”
The question will be “Do you want Uncle Kanye to babysit for you?”


NFL Fun Fact:
Tim Tebow actually says a Hail Mary
before throwing a Hail Mary.
Oh, and he also says it before all running plays and passing plays, as well.


This week Mayor Bloomberg scuttled a controversial administration proposal to slash the number of establishments serving alcohol — in a bid to curb excessive and underage drinking. Bloomberg is an expert on the subject, considering he is drunk with power.


The Golden Globes are Sunday and guess who’s nominated?
Mitt Romney, for acting like he’s in touch with us common folk.


Madonna’s next album will be called “MDNA.”
You would think with all of her money she would buy a vowel..or 3.


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