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Random Friday

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The Grammys are Sunday and as usual some of
the lesser awards have already been given out.
Here they are:
Best Reggae Album: Adele
Best Children’s Musical Album: Adele
Best Comedy Album: Adele
Best Cinematographer: Adele
Best Heavy Metal: Adele
Congratulations to all the winners!!

Are you as tired of those “Sh*t People Say” videos as I am?
I thought so.
Which is why I decided not to release my version,
“Sh*t Rednecks Say To Transvestites.”

This just in… AKA… On second thought:
A transvestite-rights group is suing YouTube,
claiming they have not been represented in the
“Sh*t People Say” Videos.

The Yankees GM Brian Cashman is looking to make a big trade:
His situation for almost anybody else’s.

And one more real Tweet re: Jeremy Lin:
“#JeremyLin is holding it down extra hard for all the asians…
until the post-game shower.”


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