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Random Friday

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In this week’s reality TV news, Michelle Bachmann was the first contestant to be kicked off of “Idiot Island.”

Reports say Kodak is preparing for bankruptcy.
For the young people out there, Kodak made film.
Don’t know what film is?
Google it.

Beyonce is expected to give birth any day now…
which explains the shortage of 1000-thread-count diapers in NYC.

True story:
In Cleveland,  a man was stabbed as a result of a fight that began
when he didn’t know that singer Beyonce and rapper Jay-Z are married.
Apparently this type of behavior runs in the family.
The stabber’s dad spent 25 years in jail for shooting a guy
who didn’t know Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher were married.

According to a new poll, 81% of New Year’s Resolutions
have already been broken.
Make that 82%…

 one of mine was to stop quoting  stats from polls.

You know those TV commercials for prescription medication
that include 3 minutes of side effects?

Every time I hear Rex Ryan speak I get at least 3 of those side effects.
Sometimes more.
Always nausea.


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