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Random Friday

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New York is now using Haikus to promote street safety.
What the hell…
Now we’re  outsourcing our poems to Japan???

Just saw a promo for MTV’s Real World.
That show has been on forever.
Longer than I thought, actually.
I just looked it up and
the first season was “Real World: Mesopotamia.”

Q: What kind of person would stand in the cold for hours
to see the lighting of a Xmas tree?
A: The same person who would stand in the cold for hours
to see the ball drop on New Years Eve.

Why does Geico use a gecko in their ads?
Because “Geico” and “gecko” sound alike?
Plus, geckos don’t even drive cars.

Man, stores are selling holiday items earlier and earlier:
Yesterday I was in Macys and they already have their Columbus Day merchandise on the shelves.

The Grammy Nominees were announced this week and my father is upset.
How many times can I explain to him that Wu-Tang can’t be nominated because they didn’t release an album this year?

A Headline From The Week That Shouldn’t Go Unnoticed:
“Hanson Preparing To Brew Their Own Beer: MMMHop”

In the browser wars, Chrome is now more popular than Firefox.
However, that doesn’t excuse Chrome from blatantly ripping off the game Simon for their logo.




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