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Random Friday

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Wouldn’t it be great if the rioting Penn State students would channel their energy towards something a little more important, something their parents would be proud of?
Like doing laundry.

Let me make this whole Penn State/Jerry Sandusky thing easy to understand by putting it in football terms:
The list of penalties (charges) called against Sandusky include:
illegal formation, holding, interference, encroachment, unsportsmanlike conduct, blocking below the waist, ilegal use of hands, and illegal motion.

A pair of “gay” penguins will be split up by the Toronto Zoo so that they can have chicks—with females.The only thing holding it up is a dispute between the penguins over who gets to keep the antique armoire.

Billy Crystal will now host the Oscars, replacing Eddie Murphy. In order to make it happen, Billy had to clear his schedule for the next couple of months,  canceling his tennis lessons and dinner with Rob Reiner.

Also just announced for the Oscars: Rick Perry will make an appearance where he promises to finally reveal the name of the government agency he couldn’t think of during this week’s Republican debate. 

A lot of people are excited because today is 11/11/11.
Me, personally, I refuse to get involved in all the hoopla.
However, I am “all-in” on the pageantry.

It’s also Veterans Day, and I can’t think of a better to spend it then taking advantage of Macys Veterans Day Sale. Because when you think about our veterans, the first thing that comes to mind is getting a bargain.


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