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Random Friday

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What I hate about the Super Bowl: They keep interrupting those great commercials for a football game. 

You know the saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”?
Do you think the same holds true for limes?

Don’t you think the fast food place “Subway” could have come up with a better name?
I associate the word“subway” with filth, crowds and mismanagement.
Nevermind. Now that I think of it that describes “Subway” restaurants too.

You know who’s phone isn’t exactly ringing off the hook?
The Kangaroo Whisperer.

Bad news for “American Idol”: Steven Tyler has just been placed on the endangered species list.

A quarter share of the Mets is for sale for 200- million dollars…it sounds like a lot, but not when consider the fact that you get a free parking pass.

In the crowd at MSG last week for Knicks-Heat:
Donald Trump, Howard Stern, Alicia Keys, Tracy Morgan and Carrie Underwood
Not at the game:
Real fans.

Saw “The King’s Speech”…sat through the whole movie, even the credits, but never once heard the words “I have a dream.”

I never watched the show “Mad Men”,don’t plan to, so can someone explain to me why they are mad?

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