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Random Friday

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I just signed up for a great
new plan from Netflix.
It’s called The “Get As Many Movies As You Want At One Time
Because You Are One Of Our 3
Remaining Customers” Plan.

Isn’t it ironic…
Michael Jackson died taking drugs to help him sleep.
Meanwhile, his trial is so boring it would have put him to sleep.

Consumers in the U.S. and Canada are suing Blackberry
for the four-day disruption in email service.
According to the judge overseeing the class action suit
“Hey, I have one of those pieces of crap, too. Count me in!”

Favorite Real Headline Of The Week:
“Deadly Biker Feud Started at Starbucks”

The NYC Police Dept. has issued a Halloween
warning to New Yorkers.
Don’t panic on Monday if you think you see mental patients roaming our streets.        
They’re only trick or treaters dressed up as
Michelle Bachmann.

Between mug shots and posing for Playboy,
Lindsay Lohan has sure been taking an awful lot of photos lately.                                            



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