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Random Friday

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Occupy Wall Street has turned into a little city,
with a library, haircutters,
even gourmet chefs donating their time
to cook for the protestors.

I was going to go down there tonight to support the cause
but I’m not in the mood for pecan crusted salmon

The protestors in Los Angeles have something
those in New York don’t:

I read a book about Mommar Khadafy
that traced his anger to his childhood.
Specifically, he could never get over the fact
that they did not make those
little license plates with his name on it.

You know what I hate about Siri?
She thinks she knows it all.

This week a NYC Taxi medallion sold for 1-million dollars.
So, they are willing to pay that much
yet won’t spring for a dollar air freshener?

President Obama says he doesn’t want his daughters
watching any of the Kardashian reality shows.
Finally, the man does something right.

Herman Cain says people choose to be gay.
Do you think he choose to be an idiot
or was he born that way?

According to The Wall Street Journal,
cassettes are making a comeback.
Which proves, once again, that people
are stupider than we actually give them credit for.

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