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Random Friday

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I am against the Wall Street protestors.
Only because my outdoors Pilates class keeps getting cancelled;
It’s usually held in the park
where they are demonstrating.

The CEO of a huge US corporation visited
the “Occupy Wall Street” scene this week.

Not to support them, but to see if anyone would like to make
some extra money
by putting his company logo on their sign.

Blackberry is the only smart phone that can connect you to the inter-not.

In a few weeks, when someone says the word “blackberry”
you can be sure they will be talking about the fruit.

Michael Jackson’s doctor may be on trial for killing the King of Pop,
but you have to give him credit for one thing:
How many doctors do you know who still makes house calls?

AirTran Airlines larger passengers, who cannot fit in one seat,
are now required to purchase a second seat.
Their is good news for them, though:
They will be entitled to two snacks.

On a side note:
My post from September 7th, “Beyonce and Jay Z’s Baby on Twitter” has somehow spread across the internet and so far has gotten a few thousand hits.  If you haven’t read it, or would like to…here’s the link

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