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Random Friday

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Andy Rooney may have made his last appearance on “60 Minutes” Sunday,
but I can guarantee, wherever he is this Sunday at 7:55,
he will be ranting about something.

Thanks to Twitter, hashtag (#) sales
have skyrocketed and its stock is at an all-time high.

Amanda Knox has a lot of episodes of “Jersey Shore” to catch up on.

Sarah Palin says she prayed a lot before making her decision
whether or not to run for President.
What a coincidence, because I prayed too.

The Wall Street protestors are branching out.
Besides big business, they are now also  protesting the cancellation of
“the Playboy Club” TV Show.

Rumors are this might be the last season of “the Simpsons.”
A Fox executive says the rising cost of ink is to blame.

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