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Random Friday

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There is a bright side to the new-look Facebook:
During the transition all of the animals from Farmville were killed and
the crops totally destroyed.

This just in:
For now on the Republican Debates will be aired exclusively on “The Cartoon Network.”

Thursday night at the Republican Debate, the crowd booed a gay U.S. Soldier.
The entire crowd then went home and crossed it off their bucket list.

The only difference between “The X Factor” and “American Idol?”
The name.

REM broke up this week.
This would be big news…but it’s 2011, not 1991.

The Texas prison system on Thursday abolished the practice of
letting Death Row inmates choose their last meal.
The inmates will now receive the same meal as their fellow prisoners.
Damn, does this mean the end of the game
“What would you have for your last meal?”

With a net worth of $59 billion, Bill Gates is the richest American for the 18th year in a row.
But even though he has all that money, his life isn’t perfect.
For instance, he has no choice but to use Bing to search on the web
and must listen to music on his Zune.

He’s back! Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed a deal to write a memoir,
tentatively titled “Total Recall.”

I can’t wait to read the chapter “My Affair With My Ugly Maid.”

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