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Random Friday

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Hurricane Irene had  a busy week.
First she caused major destruction to everything in her path…
then a few days later gave birth to a beautiful baby breeze.

The NFL season starts in a week.
I love watching games on Sunday afternoons, as well as:
Sunday Night Football
Monday Night Football
Tuesday Afternoon Football
Wednesday Morning Football
Thursday Night Football
Friday Night Lights
and on Saturday we all have a bye.

I can guarantee you:
The electric bills of people who had  no electricity because of the storm
will be the same as if the had electricity.

The deal to sell a minority share of the Mets by the Wilpons fell through this week,
so plan “B” is in effect.
All season ticket holders will receive their Girl Scout Cookie Order Form in the mail with their 2012 renewal bill. (I recommend the Thin Mints) 

To appeal to a younger demo, the Tea Party plans to have a Vampire run for President.

Even though Jay Z and Beyonces’ kid is still in her womb,
its first single is already #1. 


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