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Random Friday**

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(Yesterday, my wife and son read today’s post…
and both hated it.
They may be right. Or maybe not.
I’m not sure anymore.
I say, “Let the people decide.”
So, read it…then,
when you get to the poll on the bottom,
let me know what you think.
Please, don’t worry about my feelings.
Tell the truth…and have a great weekend!)
I had a terrible St. Patricks day.
I ate a green bagel,
thinking it was dyed for the holiday.

March Madness:
Guys playing hard so they
can make millions in the NBA…
and never have to play hard again.

Speaking of March Madness,
Every year it’s followed by
“April-September Lameness”…
at Citifield.

Why would anyone want to be
a bankruptcy lawyer?
your clients have no money!!

Michelle Obama plans to write a book
about the White House garden.
A movie is already in the works,
starring Sylvester Stallone.

I just downloaded a new app for my iPad2
that turns it into an old-school original iPad.

Can someone out there answer
a simple question for me about Netflix?
I just updated my queue on Netflix….
and I want to know…
“What the hell is a “queue”?”

On Monday Gilbert Gottfried was fired
as the voice of the Aflac duck after he
tweeted inappropriate jokes
about the tragedy in Japan.
On Tuesday one of Aflac’s competitors
hired Gilbert to be the voice of their mascot,
The State Farm Mongoose.

Is there a pill to to get rid of the
symptoms you think you may have,
after watching a commercial
for a medication
that describes 412 side effects?

Word Heard Most This Week: Nuclear
Word Heard Least This Week: Discombobulated

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