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Random Friday

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President Obama is acting more like a Republican every day.
Now he’s taking a 10 day vacation on Martha’s Vineyard while the our economic crisis continues.

Remember going to buy new school supplies?
Notebooks, pencil case, new pens.
How much fun was that?
Kids today will never know that joy.
All they have to do is download the App.

The company Millenniata has designed a DVD that last 1,000 years.
That’s great, but really of no use until Hollywood
makes a movie I’d want to see even once.

Katie Perry has tied Michael Jackson for the most #1 singles ever on one album with 5!
Lady GaGa is so jealous of Perry that she plans to
attack her rival with a piece of raw meat from her dress.

The new Fall TV Season is almost here.
Critics are saying the funniest show is going to be something called
“The Republican Presidential Debates.”

Fun Fact:
During the
 The Republican Presidential Debates a buzzer will go off
every time someone tells the truth.
I’m telling you this because there’s no other way you would know it was there.

We now have flat-screen TV’s, HDTV, 3D TV…
and the two biggest new shows are about The Playboy Club and Pan Am,
both set in the 60’s.
Does that seem right to you? 

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