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Random Friday

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Alec Baldwin says he might run for Mayor of NYC.
If he does, I  can’t wait to hear the message he leaves his daughter when he calls to tell her.

Baldwin also assured all voters that, if he does run, under no circumstances
will Tracy Morgan have anything to do with his probable run.

If the NBA season is cancelled most people probably won’t notice till June.

If our economy gets any worse most of the products in China will soon say “Made In America.”

Apple has overtaken Exxon-Mobil as the most valuable company in the world.
No big surprise.
A new survey says a majority of Americans would rather have their iPhone
than gas for their car.

Have you heard about this petition going around in favor of Bert and Ernie getting married?
Well, there’s a bigger scandal on Sesame Street than that.
Alan, the man who now runs Hooper’s Store,
was allegedly found in a compromising position with Elmo.
Witnesses say Alan did more than just tickle Elmo.

Headline 20 Years from Now:
“Americans Rediscover The Joy Of Reading Physical Old-School Books”

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