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Random Friday

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In Ohio this week a law allowing guns in bars was signed.
Horses, however, must still be tied to a post outside the bar
and hangings will continue to take place at noon in the village square.

Also this week, UFO’s were spotted over London.
Interestingly, video shows that the steering wheel of the UFO was on the right.

Why is it we pay for water…
yet apps that do amazing things,
like give turn-by-turn driving directions,
are free?

Rumors are Michelle BACHMANN will name Ted TURNER as her running mate next week.
When that happens her campaign will really go into OVERDRIVE.

The rumors are not true however that Michelle Bachmann owns the company
that makes Bachman Pretzel.
But Michelle and pretzels have something in common:
They are both twisted.

The NBA and NFL lockouts are looming.
That sucks.
ut on a positive note, the Curling lockout has been averted.

Speaking of lockouts, why can’t FOX News have one?

Chris Hansen, the host of  “To Catch A Predator,” was himself caught on tape,
out to dinner with his apparent mistress.
As soon as Hansen left the restaurant he was tackled to the ground by police.

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