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Random Friday

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You know what’s not fair?
When I go to the Post Office I have to endure hours of waiting in line,
while Postal employees get a break every 20 minutes.

This week Google became the first web site ever to have 1-billion visitors in a month.
The most popular searches?
“Naked Women,” “Dancing Cats” and “Naked Women Dancing With Cats”

Justin Bieber has a new perfume for women called “Someday.”
They named it that because “someday” the girls who bought it
will be mortified that they did.
I’m told the perfume smells like “bad music.”

Lindsay Lohan was supposed to be interviewed by Matt Lauer this week,
but cancelled at the last minute.
Has there ever been a sentence written about Lohan
that didn’t contain the word “cancel” or “rehab?”

The NBA Draft was held last night.
Three of the first ten picks have already filed for bankruptcy.

Like clockwork, Woody Allen makes a film every year.
Every 7 years the the film turns out great.
So doesn’t it make sense for him to make a film every 7 years instead?

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