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Random Friday

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Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Weiner…they are going to have a little Weiner!!
From now on when someone says “Timing is everything” this will be the go-to example.

What do Anthony Weiner and Donald Trump’s official photographer both have in common?
They both takes pictures of dicks.

When I make black-eyed peas I soak them first.
So why did they cancel the Black Eye Peas concert in Central Park because of rain?

How does Taco Bell do it?
It seems like once a month they come out with a new item…
and every month it gets more and more disgusting and ridiculous
(A burrito stuffed with a triple taco, bacon and fries)

How many “X-Men” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies can they make?
I guess they’re trying to find out.

Speaking of which, basically all of the movies out now are sequels.
What will happen in the future?
Don’t you have to make a new movie in order to then make a sequel?

On Meredith Viera’s last show on “Today” they did a one-take live video
that they called a “viral video.”
You can’t just make a video and say it’s viral.
That’s not how it works!

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