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Random Friday

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I’m seriously considering buying
a “Sober Valley Lodge” franchise
from Charlie Sheen. 

The IBM computer “Watson” debuted on “Jeopardy”
…and is now set to fill in for
Vanna White on “Wheel of Fortune”.
The sad part is they won’t even have to plug it in.

Watson was also going to be on “Law and Order”,
but that fell through when it solved
its  first case in one nano-second.

I  went to see “Spiderman”
on Broadway and could barely see a thing.
Although I can’t blame
the guy in front of me,
who was wearing a helmet.

Why hasn’t anyone thought of this yet?…
Take the contestants from “The Biggest Loser,
and forget that whole losing weight thing.
Instead make them contestants
on “Dancing With The Stars”
Dancing Fat People=Ratings Gold.

They DON’T have an app for everything:
I’ll get the iPhone when they create one
that transfers Oprah’s bank account to mine.

If I ran CBS I would fire the guy
who names all the shows.
He’s so lazy he can’t even take the time
to spell out the names of the shows
The evidence:
and even the NCAA Tournament.

Name heard most this week: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
Name heard least this week: Sally Struthers

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