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Random Friday

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The details of the Bin Laden mission changes ever day.
Now they are saying his “mansion” was made
of straw and the Navy Seals blew it down.

During their raid the Navy Seals found Bin Laden’s Journal.
Now the whole world knows Osama had a crush on Khadijah.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver
announced this week they are getting divorced.
Apparently  she didn’t believe him when he told her
one of his duties when he was Governor
was to sleep with lots of women.

Also this week, a peacock escaped
from the Bronx Zoo.
According to the peacock
he left because all the other birds
were taunting him,
saying he’s a showoff
and calling him “Mr. Fancy Tail.”
While loose in the Bronx
the peacock got a tattoo,
made a game-winning catch
in center field for the Yankees
and got a ticket for jaywalking.

Have you seen the show “The Voice yet?
It’s very good.
I think the winner should go on to compete
against the winner of “American Idol”
while the winner of “Dancing With The Stars”
dances in back of them.
And the audience should made up of
contestants for next seasons “the Biggest Loser” aka fat people.

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