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Random Friday

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Mothers Day Fun Fact:
Americans will spend approximately $2.6 billion
on flowers for Mothers Day…
and every last flower will be dead by Tuesday.
Happy Mother’s Day To All The Moms Out There!

Now Donald Trump is accusing President Obama
of “animal cruelty.” According to Trump,
“How could Obama put
those cute, innocent seals in such danger?”

The real reason the White House is not releasing
the Bin Laden death photos:
They haven’t come back from Fotomat yet.

George W. Bush may not have found Osama Bin Laden,
but he did find the Word Search book he lost two weeks ago.”


Can You Spot The Differences Between These Two Pictures? 

(There Are 17 Differences…Good Luck!)



Your Weekend Jumble

A R D V A R K A    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

R A N B E R R Y C     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


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