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Random Friday

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I woke up to find out it’s Earth Day.
I totally forgot.
Now what do I do?
I’m screwed!Why the Knicks and Rangers
have not fared well so far in the playoffs:
Like Pavlov’s dog,
they’ve been conditioned
to not show up in April.

Another sign The Mets
are going down the tubes:
Their biggest sponsor this season
is “The 99-Cent Store.”

Stop the complaining about high gas prices…
it could be worse:
We could be filling up our cars with printer ink.

I did some calculating and
figured out that by June 2013
Kelly Ripa will weigh the exact same
weight as when she was born.

Time magazine released
its annual “Time 100” list
of the 100 most influential people
in the world this week.
When I first saw the words
“Time 100”,
I thought it was referring to
how many subscribers
they  have left.

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