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Random Friday

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The Birthers are now demanding
to see the birth certificate of Alf,
to determine once and for all
whether or not he is an alien. 

25% of its own residents have fled Detroit.
The remaining 75%??
Slower packers.

Sources say NBC is mad at
Chris Brown for going ballistic
on “Good Morning America”…
and not on “Today.”

The NYC MTA is considering
banning food and drink on the subway.
Which means I might have to scramble
to find a new location
for my upcoming dinner party.

This week “the Queensborough Bridge.”
was re-named “the Ed Koch Queensborough Bridge.”
Pretty fitting, considering
“Queen” and “Ed Koch” go hand in hand.

You know “Dancing With The Stars”
has run out of “celebrities”
when you turn it on
and can’t tell who’s the star
and who’s the professional dancer.

Blake Griffin planned to  jump
over a car at Madison Square Garden.
But by the time he was ready
it had already been towed away
for being illegally parked.

I finally saw “Spiderman”
on Broadway this week.
I had a great time.
Even got to meet the star.
He fell on me when
his harness broke while “flying.”
We really bonded, especially on
the drive to the hospital.

Computer Shortcut Tip:
If you log onto Facebook
using your Linkedin password,
it automatically takes you to Twitter.

Name Heard Most This Week: Jimmer Fredette
Name Heard Least This Week: Jimmie “J.J.” Walker

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