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Random Friday

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Turn on your TV right now…
Charlie Sheen is ranting and raving again.
This time while making
a peach cobbler on the Food Network. 

Cats may have 9 lives,
but their health care providers
cover only 7 of them.

Steven Tyler is using his time as judge
on “American Idol” as a steppingstone
to his ultimate goal:
“America’s Got Talent” judge.

Best part of spring training:
You can go to a game,
buy a beer
and get change back
from a 50-dollar bill.

“Travel and Leisure” Magazine
recently ranked
New York City behind Los Angeles
in terms of rudeness.
You know what that means,
my fellow New Yorkers?
Start giving the finger to as many people
as possible, so we can regain the crown

I have Charlie Sheen in my office
“March Madness” pool.

Jennifer Aniston realizes
the only way she will ever win an Oscar,
is by doing what previous winners have done
and take a role as a mentally-challenged person.
That’s why Aniston just signed on
to star in the Sarah Palin biopic.

Why isn’t there a Jewish cooking show on TV?
They could just show her on the phone
ordering the meal.
I know why there’s no Irish cooking show…
they can only do one episode:
corned beef and cabbage.

Names heard most this week: The Goddesses
Name heard least this week: Florence Henderson

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