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Random Friday

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Bernie Madoff is one lucky guy.
He can’t watch any Mets games.

Kobe Bryant was fined $100,000
for an anti-gay slur directed at a ref.
The ref had no comment on the incident,
but did say he thought Kobe was “fabulous.”

The ref  is partly to blame.
What was he thinking wearing
a sparkly uniform
that he made himself?

I can’t believe that before
this nonsense in Washington,
I thought the budget battle
with my wife was long and arduous.

The last time the Knicks were in the playoffs,
the NBA used a peach basket as the hoop.

This week Barry Bonds was convicted
of obstructing justice. Coincidently, he’s also
being sued by a guy who claims Bonds
obstructed his view at a movie
with his steroid-induced big head.

People Magazine named Jennifer Lopez
“The World’s Most Beautiful Woman.”
Last year’s winner, Ryan Seacrest,
finished a distant fourth.

ABC has cancelled the soap operas
“All My Children” and “One Life To Live.”
A lot of people who still have
rotary phones are very upset.

Oprah just announced the guests for her last show…what a lineup!:
Denzel Washington, Julia Roberts, The Pope, Halle Berry, Jesus, Tom Cruise, Sully the hero pilot, Chris Rock, Lassie, Jerry Seinfeld,Fidel Castro, David Letterman, the cast of “Bonanza” and a special appearance by Gayle King.

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