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Overheard On Father’s Day 2012

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I have two mommies, so I call today “Awkward Day.”


Sorry about that boring card.
There wasn’t much of a choice.
In fact, there were actually more
Congratulations On Your Successful Hernia Surgery cards.


Oh, great…thanks for the apron…perfect for when I BBQ.
I will put it over here with the other 16 I don’t use.


You should always listen to your dad:
Mine said only an idiot would pay $14
to see that stupid new Adam Sandler movie,
but I went anyway.
He was right.


Mr. Travolta…
Are you sure you want your daily “massage” now?
It’s Father’s Day…
why not spend some quality time with the kids?


Since it’s Father’s Day I plan to spend the whole day
on the couch watching sports.
Come to think of it,
I did the same exact thing on Mother’s Day.


Who wants hamburgers?
Who wants hot dogs?
Who wants Pepto?


Chris Bosh has a kid? I thought…


Mom, since dad is out of town
I think I am going to spend my Father’s Day
with Mr. Sandusky.



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