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Overheard At The MLB All-Star Game

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R.A. Dickey?
His last name is Dickey?
Oh man, that’s hilarious.


So, I went out drinking last night with Josh Hamilton
I mean Derek Jeter.


Did you know steroids now come in honey-bbq flavor?


My motivation for having such a great first half?
If I didn’t make the All-Star team I’d have to
go home and spend time with my family.


– Man, who was that guy who pitched Monday night? He sucked!!
– That was the home run derby, idiot.

Damn, even the groupies here are All-Stars.


I’ve seen the Kentucky Derby in person,
but never the Home Run Derby.
So, where the hell are the horses?

I didn’t know the American League was going to be here, too.



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